Youproof is online!!!

Together with Christoph Grigoletti in 2012 we created an online video design marketplace, with a strong focus on design and motion sperimentation:

Now after three years, in 2017, YP will finally become Roof videodesign’s esclusive, experimental design and sharing platform.

On YP you can sell, buy, share your designs or just look for inspirations.
YP is not a motion and footage stock website, we believe in the promotion of knowledge, instruments and products that can raise your skills level and help you to make cooler and better designs.

YP is usefull for motion designers, vjs and communication agencies, creating video content for various projects, from vjsets or live events to motiongraphics.

The web platform has been created by Pino Cennicola; is fast, cleen and simple. Register to start download the free content and to stay updated when new videodesign is published.