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We created a virtual construction site for Bosch, where we inserted all the 3D objects we had photoscanned. We designed some environments where these 3D objects fit in, and included trainers to guide users on how to use them. The environments can be navigated in panoramic 360 degrees

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Using 3D scanning technology, we were able to create digital representations of real-world objects and insert them into a virtual construction site for Bosch. These objects were designed to be true to life, providing an accurate representation of the physical items they were based on.

To make the virtual construction site more engaging, we created a number of different environments for the objects to be placed in. These environments were designed to be visually interesting and also relevant to the objects being used. For example, we might have a scaffolding environment for tools and equipment used in building construction.

To help users get the most out of the virtual construction site, we included trainers within each environment. These trainers were virtual assistants who could guide users through the process of using each object, providing helpful tips and instructions along the way.

Finally, we made the virtual construction site easily navigable through panoramic 360-degree views. This allowed users to explore the environments and objects in detail, getting a real sense of how everything worked together within the site.

Overall, the virtual construction site we created for Bosch was an immersive and educational tool that allowed users to learn about construction equipment and tools in a hands-on, interactive way.


Studio: ROOF Videodesign
Agency : Viva events
Concept: Luca Zanella
3d Designers: Marta Negrari, Luca Zanella
Video Designer: Riccardo Mengoli

Client: Bosch

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