Breakpoint Lisbon 2021



For the Solana BREAKPOINT conference of 2021, we made some real-time data display projections that took different data from solanabeach.io, using JS.

We developed visual displays of real-time data for the Solana BREAKPOINT conference and used JavaScript to access data from solanabeach.io and create dynamic visuals that changed in real-time as the relative data changed.

We displayed the height of slots, the total transactions and new validators real-time.

The installation was displayed thru an interactive installation and a multi-projection in the main event area at Solana’s BREAKPOINT meeting 2021.

Within Notch we made a complex particles system that mixed 2D particles, texts, cloner and 3D geometry; for the interaction part, some vortex and effectors activated when the Kinect found a hand of the player, so the people were able to play and move the particles and the transaction around the blockchain.

The stand-alone application was compiled to run in background and send the video signal, with NDI, to Resolume Arena media-server, who has split it to the pixelmap, managed the sound design and added the graphics on the ledwall at the entrance.


Studio: ROOF Videodesign

Concept: Mikkel Garro Martinsen, Fausto Fasan, Lorenzo Venturini, Ryan Shea, Ross Cohen
Research: Fausto Fasan
JavaScript Developer: Luca Corsetti
Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini

Service: Europalco
Pandoras Box Operator: Nélio Lima

Client: Solana
Event: Breakpoint
Location: LX Factory – R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal
Date: November 2021

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